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Everyday's Specialty
Everyday Café Gaufres
Served with Everyday Café organic black honey, rich chocolate sauce, whipped cream and healthy fresh fruits.
13500 l.l
Pain Perdu
Served with vanilla ice cream
12000 l.l
Crema Catalana
Seductive Catalonian crème brulée crowned with caramelized sugar.
11500 l.l
Cheese Cake
Our special cheesecake accompanied with red fruit coulis.
12500 l.l
Panna Cotta al Pistacchio
Enjoy the Italian classic of cooked cream, flavored with pistachio and topped with a refreshing layer of peach.
11500 l.l
Natillas Cortadas
Spanish specialty of orange flavored chocolate mousse.
10500 l.l
Tarte aux Pommes
The famous apple tart flavored with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, served with our delicious vanilla ice cream.
12500 l.l
The traditional creamy mascarpone dessert topped with dark cocoa powder.
12000 l.l
Gâteau au Fromage Frais
Savory fresh cheese tart, beautifully baked and served with red fruit coulis.
13500 l.l
Crostata al Limone
Savory refreshing lemon tart, topped with smooth homemade Italian meringue.
11000 l.l
Fondant au Chocolat
Heavenly molten chocolate cake served with our delicious vanilla ice cream.
12500 l.l
Premium Ice Cream
per Scoop
3000 l.l