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lunch & dinner
Ratatouille Cassoulet
9000 l.l
Pomme Forestière Cocotte
9000 l.l
Pommes Gaufrettes
6000 l.l
9000 l.l
9000 l.l
Florentine d’ Epinards
6000 l.l
Pommes Allumettes
6000 l.l
Enjoy the Greek vegetarian gratin of layered eggplant in rich béchamel and Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce.
17500 l.l
Pollo al Funghi Casseruola
Chicken Italian gratin perfectly cooked in rich porcini and rosemary sauce served with fine herbs fettuccine in cast iron casserole.
27500 l.l
Blanc de Poulet aux Herbes de Provence
Free-range chicken breast a la plancha, stuffed with fine herbs and fresh cremini mushroom served with golden allumettes.
24500 l.l
Aiguillette de Canard Caramelisées au Jus de Canard
Seared duck fillet served with pomme Forestière and everyday CAFÉ homemade gravy
33500 l.l
Chermoula Lamb Ribs
Experience the Moroccan traditional grilled juicy lamp shops served with cumin couscous, tagine style.
39500 l.l
Bisque de Crevettes en Cocotte
Feel the French temptation of mouthwatering prawns stirred in traditional bisque with cumin couscous in cast iron cocotte.
39500 l.l
Canard Confit au Framboise
Slow cooked duck leg laid on fine herbed potato served with caramelized porcini mushroom, fresh raspberry and everyday CAFÉ duck gravy
29500 l.l
Steak au Poivre
Peppery black angus prime steak served with pink berries, rich peppercorn sauce and golden allumettes.
39500 l.l
Darne de Saumon en Ardoise
Royal salmon cutlet with Everyday Café extra virgin olive oil and fresh asparagus served with polenta on slate.
29500 l.l
Hot Sauces Selection
Cremini Mushroom, Peppercorn, Caramelized Lemon, À l’Ancienne, Pesto
0 l.l
Poulet Grillé aux Herbes de Provence
Grilled chicken breast laid on ricotta drum served with herbed French fries, everyday CAFÉ homemade sauce and ratatouille timbale.
27500 l.l
Tagliata di Manzo al Rosmarino e Pepe Rosa
Braised grain fed beef fillet cooked with wild potato and cremini mushroom served with red peppercorn and rosemary gravy
26500 l.l
Brochettes de Veau à la Marocaine
Grain fed veal fillet marinated in coriander and cumin served with Moroccan couscous
27500 l.l
Lasagna Verdi al Forno
A layered dish of green lasagna, rich béchamel and Bolognese sauce with Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce.
18500 l.l
Fettuccini di Salmone in Crema di Mornay
Divine salmon with fettuccine, perfectly cooked in rich mornay creamy sauce.
29000 l.l
Tagliatelle al Nero di Seppia con Frutti di Mare
An Everyday Café specialty of delightful black tagliatelle with shrimps, mussels and calamari perfectly cooked tagine style.
34500 l.l
Pasta al Pesto Genovese
Extremely delicious penne with lovely pesto sauce topped with shaved parmesan cheese.
16500 l.l
Linguini Bolognese
A Bologna classic of sautéed fresh linguini folded into gorgeously meaty Bolognese sauce elevated with sundried tomato and Parmigiano reggiano
18500 l.l
Wood Fried Oven
Everyday's Specialty
everyday CAFÉ Pizza
With everyday CAFÉ oregano tomato spread topped with ham, mixed cheese, fresh bolé mushroom, cherry tomato, green bell pepper and sliced olives
15500 l.l
Coca Catalana
Visit Catalonia with perfectly cooked eggplant, goat cheese, tomato and black olives.
16500 l.l
Calzone di Prosciutto
Sliced prosciutto, mozzarella, fresh spinach, Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce spread with basil and oregano.
19500 l.l
Fresh Purslane Loaf
Fresh purslane with tomato and pepper spread, topped with shaved parmesan cheese.
15500 l.l
Pizza Salmone
Divine salmon laid on tasty cream cheese spread and topped with lemon wedges and fresh dill.
32500 l.l
Pizza Rustica Quattro Formaggi
Outstanding four cheese mix of mimolette, mozzarella, parmesan and gorgonzola with everyday CAFÉ organic oregano tomato sauce.
18500 l.l
Stromboli al Pesto
Premium ham and salami, double cheese and lovely pesto spread with Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce.
22500 l.l
Pizza Vegetariana
A vegetarian combination with Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce, basil spread and fresh basil.
17500 l.l
Focaccia al Mozzarella e Olio
Sliced prosciutto with Bufalina, a generous pinch of basil and fresh thyme with drizzled with Everyday Café virgin olive oil.
23500 l.l
Margherita Bufalina
Delicious mozzarella di bufala and a generous pinch of fresh basil with Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce.
22500 l.l
Jamón Serrano
Sliced serrano, mozzarella cheese and shaved parmesan with Everyday Café organic oregano tomato sauce.
27500 l.l
Granchio e Avocado
Beautiful crab and avocado mix with fresh lettuce and carrots, served in ciabatta bread.
14500 l.l
Roti de Boeuf à la Moutarde à l'Ancienne
Juicy slices of roast beef with tomato, gherkins and moutarde à l’ancienne spread on thyme rustic bread.
19000 l.l
Club de Poulet
Appetizing grilled chicken breast, premium ham, fresh lettuce and mimolette on soft pullman loaf.
19500 l.l
Everyday Fish-Med Special
Delicious fish filet on a bed of fresh lettuce and organic tomato confit, served with gherkins on thyme rustic bread.
18000 l.l
Bresaola Panino
Experience the Italian taste with thinly sliced bresaola, shaved parmesan on white cheese spread in ciabatta bread.
16500 l.l
Dinde Fumée Moutarde à l’Ancienne
Thinly sliced Smoked turkey with emmental, gherkins and homemade mustard sauce on olive rustic bread.
17000 l.l
Prosciutto con Pesto
Sliced prosciutto, brie, fresh arugula with Everyday Café organic sun-dried tomatoes and basil spread in French baguette.
21000 l.l
Chèvre et Miel
Goat cheese with sweet raisins, walnut and Everyday Café organic black honey, served in olive rustic bread.
19500 l.l
Saumon Traditionel
Premium salmon laid on tasty cream cheese spread with fresh chive and capers, served on soft pullman loaf.
22000 l.l
Quiche aux Epinards
A generous portion of gratinated tarts filled with cheesy spinach cream served with goat cheese flakes
15500 l.l
Quiche de Saumon et Chevron
Delightful salmon with goat cheese and freshly chopped tarragon leaves.
22500 l.l
Croque Monsieur
Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of French gratin served in cast iron pan.
16500 l.l
The Capri classic of mozzarella di bufala, tomato and a generous pinch of fresh basil.
24500 l.l
Tartar de Saumon
Marinated premium salmon with juicy pink berries and hearty greens.
19500 l.l
Assorted Cold Cuts
A seductive assortment of prosciutto di Parma, Serrano and bresaola served with gherkins and tasty olive bread.
29500 l.l
Tonno Crudo
Premium fresh tuna carpaccio with pink berries and Everyday Café organic sun-dried tomatoes laid on hearty green mesclun.
22500 l.l
Feta Melitzana
An Everyday Café specialty of feta cheese rolled in roasted eggplant and served on walnut bread with field greens.
13500 l.l
Cheese Platter
Variety of 5 Cheeses
28500 l.l
Let the aroma of Andalucía warm your heart with this rich soup of country tomato, cucumber and red bell pepper.
10500 l.l
Crème Esaü
Tasty lentils Purée with fresh celery, red onion, carrots and spinach, enriched with heavy cream and garnished with a pinch of fresh parsley.
9500 l.l
Velouté de Citrouille et Estragon
An Everyday Café specialty of pumpkin cream with goat cheese, fresh zucchini and tarragon leaves and a pinch of fresh thyme.
12500 l.l
Everyday's Specialty
Salad Bar
Get creative by choosing your preferred top quality ingredients and mixing them into a rich plate of healthy salad.
24000 l.l
Salade de Thon Mariné au Gingembre et Baie Rose
With gingered avocado, dill, lemon cocotte, pink peppercorn, nigella seeds and crusty baguette served on green mesclun
27500 l.l
Niçoise au Saumon
The Southern French Niçoise with divine salmon, fresh Kenya beans, potato and boiled eggs.
23000 l.l
Salade de Crevettes
Scrumptious grilled shrimps with avocado, goat cheese, tomato, juicy pink berries and lemon wedges.
24500 l.l
Tian de Crabe
Beautiful crab Julienne on avocado base, hearty greens and carrots with Everyday Café organic sun-dried tomatoes.
17500 l.l
Dressing Selection
Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette, Reduced Balsamic, Light Lemon, Roquefort, Pesto
0 l.l
Chasseur de Canard Croustillant
Premium magret de canard fumé served with greens, cherry tomato, strip beans and walnuts
19500 l.l