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weekend brunch
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Morning Selection
Everyday's Specialty
Served with Everyday Café organic black honey, rich chocolate sauce, whipped cream and healthy fresh fruits.
13500 l.l
Croissant au Beurre
3750 l.l
Pain aux Raisins
4000 l.l
Pain au Chocolat
4500 l.l
Brioche Parisienne
5000 l.l
12000 l.l
1. Jam
2500 l.l
2. Honey
5000 l.l
3. Giaourti
3000 l.l
Oeufs à la Florentine Poêlés
Two eggs perfectly fried with creamy spinach and Mimolette, laid on crunchy pullman toast.
10500 l.l
Prosciutto & Cheese Omelet
Sliced prosciutto with shaved parmesan cheese, served on soft French waffle with creamy Béarnaise sauce.
19500 l.l
Zucchini & Goat Cheese Frittata
Chopped fresh zucchini and goat cheese.
14000 l.l
Tortilla Española
Diced potatoes with bell pepper, garnished with a generous pinch of parsley and served in cast iron pan.
9500 l.l
Croissant Sandwich
Scrambled eggs with lightly sliced prosciutto di Parma and cheese, served in freshly baked croissant.
17500 l.l
1. Cheese
3000 l.l